OpenADK for i.MX6


PurposeGeneral Linux
CompatibilityAll i.MX6 Soms
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Maintained byWBX
ForumSolid-Run Forum


A free construction kit for Embedded Linux. The resulting firmware boots up very fast, is updateable via a package manager without losing local configuration changes and the root filesystem is mounted read-only. The default configuration creates a very small linux system. The default configuration for software packages and the system is secure by default.


  • Get a snapshot from here: Latest Snapshots
  • Extract it and do “make menuconfig” to configure a cubox-i image.
  • (under ARM) Do “make” to build an image. (get a beer, it will take some time to compile everything from source and download the sources from internet)
  • You can install it via a shell script onto a sd card.
  • You will get a help text when the build is finished.
Updated on May 3, 2020

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